The amazing small business advertising handbook - 99 practical, real world hints and tips @ just 6¢!

How to Make Great Ads for Small Business -- 99 hints, tips, and ideas to kickstart your business today

by Geoffrey Heard, the Ad-Doctor-Online. 145pp, PDF, published 2009. US$5.95

This isn't a "read" book, it's a "jump in an grab what you need fast then get out and grow your business" kind of book written specifically so busy people like you can get what you want in minutes -- then get on with it!


"Excellent" is how Drayton Bird describes it. He cut his teeth on Madison Avenue. He heads his own agency in the UK and is a globe-trotting advertising and direct mail guru.

"Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or someone still exploring how best to advertise, you'll find something useful in this book," says Graham Barr, advertising consultant to newspapers throughout the English-speaking world.

"A highly readable primer that covers both copy and design," says Shel Horowitz, award winning author of Grassroots Marketing.

"Don't spend one cent on advertising until you read this book," counsels Dave Rumfelt, The Spot Illustrator, veteran of scores of advertising campaigns.


How can you go wrong? Any one of the hints or tips in this book could make you thousands through powerful advertising -- and each one costs only 6¢!

That's just $5.95 for the whole book!

Click on the image above to download the preview -- scan through the contents pages and the samples and you'll see practical, down-to-earth, hands-on advertising with examples so you can get your ideas going!

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